Holistic Sourcing and Procurement Approach

Sourcing and procurement are essential parts of effective supply chain management. NOA Introserve Enterprises specialise in providing dynamic services that place a total supply chain perspective in the procurement processes of its clients.

At NOA Introserve Enterprises, we have the capacity to help your company effectively source materials and services by outsourcing the procurement process. We are able to relieve the pressure on your in-house purchasing staff to more quickly and efficiently achieve savings. Working with us will offer you cutting-edge procurement solutions to save cost, whilst maximising value from each supplier relationship.  Our Sourcing and Procurement services help to:

  • Target value creation through people, sourcing, processes and technology
  • Achieve high performance whilst further improving margin opportunities

The aforementioned has enabled businesses of our clients to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage by minimising excessive or unnecessary expenditures by providing goods and services in a timely and efficient manner.

NOA Introserve Enterprises is a proven partner to clients across multiple industry sectors in identifying and managing qualified global suppliers. Enable effective global sources that meet quality, timeline and cost objectives through its procurement solutions:

  • Global supply chain strategic intelligence
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Supplier identification, selection and management
  • Contract terms management
  • Demand and specification management
  • Quality management and expediting
  • Sourcing support
  • Supplier relationship management

We continually focus on value, cost mitigation, and optimisation in the supply chain to offer competitive pricing to all our clients. Our high volume with select vendors provides you with reliable and cost-effective service solutions.

We have a global network of partners in over 50 countries. We can handle your entire procurement process from sourcing, collection, consolidation and shipping up to distribution at the final point of delivery.

Our strong local management structure allows us the flexibility to offer clients a tailored solution and the best advice on all aspects of your supply chain.

Our team of professionals understand the importance of staying on top of industry news, challenges, and game-changing events so we can assess the impact to our customers. Based on our assessment, we will determine the right approach for all procurement projects ensuring our clients receive the best advice in an ever-changing environment.

You have an experienced team at your disposal to plan and execute all the steps in managing your purchase-to-pay process, providing guidance on local and international trade rules and procedures to meet your specific needs and expectations.

You have a single point of contact and real-time visibility of your entire supply chain, allowing you to focus on growing your business and spend less time on the administration and management of your supply chain.

Without exception, you can expect NOA Introserve Enterprises to bring together some of the most vibrant supply chain management approaches ― to design procurement strategies and logistic solutions configured to your specific objectives, your team, your company and its culture.